This decade will determine the future of humanity and the planet

so we must act now.

For Pieminister to make positive, transformational changes we’ve set ourselves ambitious goals within three key areas, to achieve by 2025

Goal 1: We will never compromise on our high animal welfare standards – and raise the bar even further, starting by moving to 100% slow growing breeds of chicken.

…and we will grow our plant-based product range while decreasing the range space currently given to our British, predominantly grass-fed beef pies.

Goal 2: We will champion the use of deforestation-free ingredients across the industry, leading with our identity preserved palm oil and deforestation free soy. 

Goal 3: We will reduce our Carbon emissions by at least 50% and become 100% carbon neutral.

Goal 4: We will make sure that 100% of our packaging is reusable, widely recyclable, or easy to home compost, with a continuous reduction of single-use plastic packaging.

Goal 5: We will send zero waste to landfill across all PM restaurants, offices & our pie kitchens.

Goal 6: We will reduce our total waste (including packaging) by 30% and maximise the amount that is recycled or composted…and we will reduce food waste across the business by 50%.

Goal 7: We will expand our support of UK and global charities, through more Pie & Cash donations (AKA: Little Acts of Pie-ness).

Goal 8: We will cultivate a happy, healthy, inclusive and diverse internal pie team.

Goal 9: We will commit to giving a proportion of our time in work to external volunteering & social action.