Our sourcing

Our sourcing

Since we started making pies in 2003 we’ve worked hard to source sustainable ingredients.  Where possible the ingredients come from as close to our Bristol kitchens as possible, from British farmers and producers who share our high welfare and sustainability standards.

While the number of meat-free and vegan products we produce grows exponentially, we continue to always use free range British meat for the rest of the range. All of the chicken and pork we use is free range, our venison is wild and our beef is farm-assured and mostly grass-fed.

Palm Oil

We currently use 100% fully segregated and fully sustainable RSPO-certified palm oil in our pie pastry.  And from the start of 2020 we will go one step further, sourcing all of our palm oil from a family-owned palm oil producer in Colombia called Daabon. This is because, in line with leading environmentalists, including Greenpeace and the WWF, and following extensive research of our own, we remain convinced that when sourced responsibly, palm oil is the most ethical and sustainable oil that we can use to make our pastry.

Daabon operate their own plantations, mills and refineries and is recognised as the most transparent palm oil producer in the world by the Zoological Society of London’s SPOTT programme.  Daabon’s palm oil is Rainforest Alliance Certified (RAC), Identity Preserved (IP) and is a leading member of POIG, which is backed by WWF, the Orangutan Land Trust and Greenpeace.

We remain certain that to boycott palm oil will only displace the issue and shift biodiversity loss to other crops that do not give anywhere near the same high yield found in palm oil crops (they use up to 10 times less land than the alternatives such as Shea and Coconut oil).  For further information, WWF’s film here explains why boycotting all palm oil is not the answer. Instead, WWF urges us to buy from brands that use sustainable palm oil.

Ethical sourcing is integral to Pieminister’s business and we know that the issues surrounding Palm Oil are complex so we will continue to ensure that we are up to date with best practice.  We also continue to work hard to maintain the lowest levels of wastage of all the resources that we use to make our products.