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Black Lives Matter – Our Commitment

Jul 15 2020

Black Lives Matter mural

📸: by @asablackpersonintheuk

The resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement highlighted to many of us at Pieminister that the actions and intentions of our company have not been enough to combat racism. Instead of an instant reaction or an empty post, we took a step back to think about our actions and to educate ourselves, as individuals and as a company. This is why we’re speaking up now.

We have always felt that we had good intentions and we believed that we would confront racism if we saw it, but we now understand that that’s not nearly enough. We have to recognise and challenge racism. We have to be actively anti-racist. And so we’re doing something about it.

The purpose of sharing this with you is not to make this about us. It’s about holding ourselves accountable, sharing our journey and acknowledging that we all must do better.

We believe we have a responsibility to use our platforms and our business to support the black community.

‘As A Black Person In The UK’ is an organisation based in Bristol, our hometown, and is amplifying black voices in the UK by raising awareness of the lived experience of black people. We wanted to support this cause by getting involved in the painting of this mural. We decided to donate the paint for the artists to create such a meaningful and powerful piece of art.


📸: by @asablackpersonintheuk

You can donate to their cause here.

Black Lives Matter mural painting Black Lives Matter mural painting

We’re still learning and listening, and we not only welcome you to do the same but also to hold us and each other accountable. This is one small element of our plan to become an anti-racist business.

If you have any ideas or feedback, our inbox is always open. Email us here.

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