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Brewdog x Pieminister pies

Jul 17 2014

Imagine a pie full of rich, delicious ingredients, cooked to perfection in some of the best beers available to man.  Well, we’ve  joined forces with BrewDog to bring you exactly that!


Enter our brand new moodog and chick n’ hop pies made with the crafty BrewDog brewers’ two top beers – 5am Saint Ale in the moodog and Punk IPA in the chick n’ hop.

side panel 2.jpg

The hoppy-ness of the beer really comes through in both pies and they’re best served with something from BrewDog’s cellar (not surprisingly!)


Get the classic-style MooDog  at Pieminister shops and BrewDog bars in Aberdeen, Newcastle and Nottingham as well as DogTap, BrewDog’s brand new brewery tap in Ellon. You’ll find our chick n’ hop (loosely-based on our topless pie concept)  at any BrewDog bar or Pieminister shop across the UK.


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