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All I want fir Christmas

Nov 28 2019

Pieminister christmas tree seeds

Eat a pie with us this festive season & you’ll leave feeling warm and fuzzy (and very full, of course). But this won’t be just down to the pie. With every meal in December, we’re giving away seeds so that you can grow your very own Christmas tree.

Got 99 problems but a birch ain’t one

Keep the feel-good times going right through the year by planting and caring for your new tree whilst also doing your bit for the planet.

Here are our tree-mendous tips for looking after your plant:

  • Fill a plant pot with compost, firm down and water well
  • Sow seeds on the surface and cover with a thin layer of compost
  • Cover the pot with a see through bag or mesh to keep the critters out & place in a sheltered spot outdoors
  • Check the compost now and then to make sure it hasn’t dried out
  • The little trees will pop up when the weather warms up in spring
  • Grow the trees on, repotting into larger pots when needed
  • Trees can be planted out in the garden at about 30cm tall or kept in pots
  • Bring your tree in for Christmas each year – keep well watered and away from radiators and fires

Just call us the Tree Wise Men. 😉

Pieminister christmas tree seeds 2019

Name it & share it

All that’s left to do is name your tree and share the progress throughout the year using the hashtag #plantminister.

Stuck for name ideas? Here’s some to start you off… Spruce Willis, Spruce Springsteen, Keanu Leaves.

Happy planting, we’re rooting for ya (ok, we’ll stop with the tree puns now).


Trees aren’t just for Christmas, they’re for life. We’re planning to plant many more in the next year, so watch this space.

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