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Fire, Ice and Pieminister Pies!

Jul 8 2013

Our pies are known for fuelling festival goers, curing hangovers, uniting lovers (we know of a few ‘mothership’ inspired marriage proposals) and generally providing comfort and joy to pie eaters everywhere….but preparing someone for a North Pole expedition?  Definitely a Pieminister ‘first’.

PieministerMeet Paul Gurney, one of the only people in history to take on two of the world’s toughest races as part of the Fire and Ice Challenge; a 600km race to the North Pole, followed by the Marathon Des Sables (a 260km run across the Saharan Desert).  On his journey to the North Pole he encountered the worst weather there for 20 years which saw him battling temperatures as low as -68c! And what kept him going?  Our pies of course! Sadly there wasn’t enough room in his rucksack for his favourites, but he enjoyed a fair few before setting off, and Paul tells us he fantasised about Pieminister pies for most of the expedition (well you would, wouldn’t you).

We’ll be following Paul’s progress as he prepares for his 260km run across the Saharan Desert next April, where temperatures can reach 50c!  Paul, sadly we won’t be able to make special dehydrated ration pack pies for you, but hopefully dreaming about a Pieminister pie slathered in mash and gravy will keep you going.  We promise to have some ready for you on your return!

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