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FIVE reasons why you simply can’t ignore British Pie Week.

Mar 3 2014

Reason 1:  You could win pies and surprises every day.  As well as our amazing pies and new No.10 chutney, SEVEN lucky winners will get:

photo (1)

Well, what are you waiting for? Enter… NOW!

Reason 2: Because if you do ignore it, you’ll have to wait 51 weeks until the next one.

Reason 3: You could win a box of our new lighter pies, enter here.  And even if you don’t win, we’ll still send you a £5 voucher code to use on our online shop!

Light Pies Group L3

Reason 4: Because our new menu has super food salads and slaws to go with our new lighter pies.  This means British Pie Week doesn’t have to be a classic pie and mash fest, if that’s not your thing!

Moo & Blue L1

Reason 5: Because it’s more fun than National Shed Week.

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