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(Heat) Wave Hello to Pie, Side & Sundae

Aug 1 2018

The heat wave is showing no signs of disappearing & we’re celebrating with our new soft serve sundaes!

Served in waffle-cone ‘pie crusts’ and made with fresh organic British milk, they’re thick, creamy and delicious.  From the frozen yoghurt Honey Bee with honeycomb, honey, pistachio and fig to the chocolatey Mud Pie to the Pork Pie-scream (vanilla ice cream laced with free range British bacon & Bourbon maple syrup, apple sauce and a free range British pork scratching) they’re fun, inventive and taste every bit as good as they look.

And especially for summer, you can grab your favourite pie, any side and a sundae for just £10 at lunchtime. Get your skates on, it’ll only be around for summer.

hatrick face 3

Check out our full summer menu for the scoop on our latest grub.

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