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I scream, You scream, We all scream for PIES!

Mar 29 2011

Hi Pie Lovers,

As spring is upon us and the lambs and rabbits are popping cute fluffy things into our midst we thought we would do the same…yet our gifts aren’t fluffy and cute but steaming hot and bursting with flavour! In the now infamous Piemobile, members of the elite and highly trained Pie-Team stationed themselves by the Suspension Bridge ready for an afternoon of Free Pie Action.

When the time came the shout went out across the hills and far away…FREE PIES!…the tummies rumbled and the tastebuds tingled and the Free Pie Fair began. With Pie-Team members situated at strategic points (inside and outside the PieMobile) and bunting fluttering in the breeze we brightened the days of the passing public by giving away the plethora of painstakingly perfected pies, proving once again to the public that PieMinister is the sole purveyor to the secret of the perfect pie! Particular favourites on the day were the Moo, Chicken of Aragon, Heidi, PM and the Matador…just a few of the fabulous fillings available at every one of the pieminister shops across this wonderful land!

If any you were there that day and had the fortune to savour one of our FREE PIES please feel free to leave a comment on how much brighter and beautiful your day was.  If you  could we would be hugely thankful… Spread the word…Pies make you cool!

Until the next time

The Pie-Team xx

pieminister gravy train in Clifton

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