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pie-eating music by minirig

Jul 27 2015

Music and sunshine are the perfect summer accompaniments for pies.  So when we heard that some guys around the corner from us in Bristol made audio systems designed for outdoor partying, we had to get our hands on one.


A bit like our pies, Minirigs were borne out of love and lots of experimentation; the engineers at PASCE started creating their own DIY portable sound systems to take to the local park for impromptu parties.  They had to be small enough to carry  but with amazing volume and clarity to satisfy their geeky obsession with good sound.  After what must have been a great summer in the parks of Bristol, these prototypes proved so popular that the guys decided to refine the design for production. And Bristol’s own British-made Minirig was born.

We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on three of these beauties for our festival stalls, providing you with great tunes while you get your pie-fix this summer.

Pieminister-branded, they look as good as they sound and you can get your own in an array of cool colours, personalised. Check out the full range and find out more here.



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