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Send A Cow sends Jon to Kenya!

Mar 19 2014

This weekend, our founder Jon Simon, heads to Kenya to see how the money raised through our Cattle Drive for Send a Cow (almost £40,000 and rising!) is helping rural families become flourishing farmers.

pieminister.000 (2) (1)Jon and Romany Simon of Pieminister with David Bragg, Senior Programme Co-ordinator (far left), who will be accompanying Jon on his trip.

Jon will be in Kenya’s Western Province (based in Kakamega) where he’ll visit a number of Send a Cow projects during his week-long trip. Jon will meet families who, thanks to your generosity, will benefit directly from funds raised through our Cattle Drive, which we launched last Autumn.

Kakamega (1)

Send a Cow currently works with 2,275 families in Kenya, providing the livestock, seeds, training and ongoing support they need to farm productively and sustainably.  Most of the farmers are women, including many widows, families who have taken in orphans and people with disabilities.

day11lastgroup-10The Khwinulanire Women’s Group in Kenya

More than half the population in the Western Province cannot rely on having food all year round and although it’s one of Kenya’s smallest provinces, it’s hugely varied in terrain.   Jon will see how Send a Cow trains farmers in environmental protection methods to suit the region’s different environments. These include fuel-saving stoves, which spare the forests; agro-forestry methods, where trees and crops are integrated to mutual benefit; and water conservation techniques.

Langdon_090620_2535_copyBy adopting a natural farming approach based around the use of composted manure, farmers are boosting their yields, often with dramatic results.

Husband and wife with a cow +heiffer to pass onSend a Cow provides good quality dairy and crossbreed cows, capable of giving up to 20 litres of milk per day.  

Send a Cow in Uganda 2011Often, group members will contribute surplus milk, vegetables and even money to those families who care for orphans – a real tribute to their community spirit.

Jon will also attend a Passing On ceremony during his stay. These ceremonies bring whole communities together to see first born calves, sheep, donkeys, seedlings or even training techniques passed on to other needy families.


We love this ‘Pass it On’ principle at Pieminister, which not only builds stronger communities, but means our Cattle Drive funds will continue to help people for many generations to come.

Jon’s packed his camera and video recorder, so watch this space, as he’ll be sharing his story from the trip on his return.


It is thanks to your generosity (and love of pies!) that we’ve raised nearly £40,000 for Send a Cow.  Thank you……


If you’d like to find out more about the Cattle Drive, or make a donation, you can do so here.

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