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get one tree this summer

Jun 1 2015

We have baked two special pies this summer – the tipsy chick and the scrumpea – and every time you buy one, we’ll plant a tree.  

Actually Temwa, a Bristol-based Community Development Charity will plant the trees as part of their Community Forest Project in Northern Malawi. Temwa has been a long-term friend and neighbour here in Bristol since we both set up shop on Stokes Croft back in 2003.

Jon and Tristan Pieminister

Real West Country summer pies, both recipes feature Orchard Pig cider from Somerset as well as other delicious, seasonal British ingredients including free range British chicken and pork.

Tipsy Chick– a free range British chicken & ham pie with peas, mint & Orchard Cider/

Scrumpea – a pea, asparagus, parsley & fennel pie with West Country Cheddar & Orchard Pig cider.

To buy a summer pie go to our online shop

Pieminister pie sweet pot and slaw

“It’s great to be working with Temwa again” says Pieminister founder, Jon Simon. ” We like the way they work in one region, focusing on five key areas; health education, schooling, agriculture, microfinance and forestry.  By tackling all these issues together, they’re having a hugely positive impact on the most vulnerable households in that part of Malawi.  And with two delicious new summer pies, we’ll be able to help finance the planting of a forest in order to improve peoples’ lives more within the region.”

In order to reach Pieminister’s target of 50,000 trees both pies will be available through Pieminister shops, farmers’ markets and festival stalls – as well as selected independent retailers and pie pubs until the 14th September 2015.

Jo Hook, Temwa Founder says, “Nkhata Bay North is a particularly isolated part of the country and its community needs to cut and use trees every day for firewood and building.  They also need to clear the land of trees in order to grow crops to feed their families.  It’s crucial that these trees are replaced, not only to stabilize the soil which erodes without tree roots, but also to stabilize the lives of the Nkhata Bay North people.  A Pieminister Forest could change so many lives for the better so enjoy your pies this summer – the more you munch the more life-giving trees we can plant.”

Frank and Fostina tending seedlings

Why Does Nkhata Bay North Need A Pieminister Forest?

The communities of northern Malawi are some of the poorest in the country and poverty and deforestation go hand in hand:

  • 61.2% of the population lives below the poverty line
  • 17% live in absolute poverty
  • 90% of the population are smallholder subsistence farmers
  • 53% do not have a secure year-round food supply
  • 33% are unable to meet their daily food needs.
  • Poverty factors are further exacerbated by high rates of HIV; 16% of 15-49 year olds are HIV+ with minimal access to health care or support.

Find out more about Temwa’s work here.

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