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Eat a pie to give a pie

May 11 2017

This summer, we’ve teamed up with UK Harvest to help feed thousands of people across the UK with good food.  In fact, we’re aiming to feed 10,000 people in need.  How will we manage that?  Well it’s actually very simple: every time you buy one of our new Summer pies, we’ll donate a pie to them on your behalf.   

We think #PieforaPie might just be the easiest, tastiest way to do some good this summer.

‘Does this mean I can actually eat pies for charity?’ We hear you ask. Yes, it absolutely does. And what’s more, there are three summer specials to choose from.  Here’s the low down on our new summer flavours, get ready to salivate…

mexicow banner

Mexicow – a chilli con carne pie made with British beef, beer & cheddar –  this pie captures the warm Mexican flavours of Chilli Con Carne with a bit of a British twist.

Thai chook banner

Thai Chook (it’s back!) – a Thai green curry pie made with Free Range British chicken & a heavenly mix of ginger, coriander & coconut.

Feta Attraction

Feta Attraction – our new smashing veggie pie punchy enough to turn carnivores into, umm, well, flexitarians, at least…  This vegetarian society approved feta & spinach feast is packed with a Mediterranean mix of sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts & chickpeas.  Hungry yet?

Take a peak at our full summer menu here

 You’ll find all three pies at your local Pieminister & you can even buy them online



Why have we chosen to work with UKHarvest?

Their mission is to eliminate hunger and food waste through the redistribution of quality surplus food. So to help them achieve this, we are giving them 10,000 pies which they will deliver to vulnerable people across the UK.

Like Pieminister, the UKHarvest idea began in Australia (OzHarvest is doing wonders and is making a massive difference to people in need over there). UKHarvest was founded this year and we want to help them grow as big as they are in Australia.

With our help UKHarvest can feed even more people with great quality food (or as they like to put it, nourish our nation). So every time a customer buys a Summer pie, this will directly generate a pie donation from us to UK Harvest.

Have a look at their website to find out more:


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