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VIPie fan poem!

May 19 2011

We love hearing from you with your quirky letters, pictures and poems and we wanted to share one of our favourite!!!

Ode To A Perfect Pie!

I love good quality food, I love a delicious pie,
My favourite label is Pieminister, that’s the pie to buy,
Jon Simon & Tristan Hogg, launched Pieminister in 2003,
Bristol is where it all started, a huge congrats from me!

I love the Thai Chook Pie, also the Royal Pear,
Pieminister use local ingredients, they show they really care,
But maybe you are a Veggie, or simply can’t eat meat,
Then go for a Heidi Pie, it’s a first class Veggie treat!

Wildshroom & Asparagus, or Chicken Of Aragon Pie,
They make my taste buds tingle, both, I always buy,
Sometimes I feel like savoury, sometimes something sweet,
There’s a Pieminister Pie for me, their choice is hard to beat!

I think it’s almost time, for me to prepare my dinner,
Tonight it’s a PM Pie, always an absolute winner,
I dedicate this poem to all the hardworking Pieminister staff,
But I do hope this “Crusty” poem, has made all you Pie folk laugh!

Eliz from Staines

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