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HipHip Hooray for the Virtual Festivals competition winners!

Apr 5 2011

What great imagination you all had for the Virtual Festival Competition! We received about 60 different song title entries related to pie puns!

drum roll please for the winner of the 12 pies…

It’s Kathryn Joy Braddick with the amazing title “Meat will taste us apart” from Pie Division.

And the five winners of a “Keep Calm and eat more pies” t-shirts are:

Ben Carey with “I’ve Got a Filling – Black Eyed Pies”

Chris Wildman with “Another one bites the Crust….”

Tom Proctor with “Live and Let Pie”

Daniel Lomas with “Pieoncé – Gravy In Love”

Sean Bradbury with “Macy Gravy – “I try to eat my pie and I choke”

Here is a picture of Kathryn the lucky winner of 12 pies! “Meat will taste us apart” from Pie Division was definitely the best title!

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