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“What’s glamping got to do with pies?”

Sep 12 2011

Guest blog from Canopy & Stars

People are always asking us – “What’s glamping got to do with pies?”

Well, there are several interesting similarities between Pieminister and glamping gurus (if we do say so ourselves!) Canopy & Stars…

At least three, anyway…

1. Both Canopy & Stars and Pieminister are Bristol born, bred… and based.

2. A yurt looks like a big pie. In fact Big Sky Retreat is so much like a pie, we’re thinking of renaming it Big Pie Retreat.

3. And then there’s our new boat – which like Pieminister’s new pie, Pietanic, isn’t very much like the Titanic.

4. Oh and if you get your hands on a copy of pieminister’s new cookbook, you’ll find a recipe for glamping pies (an easy to adapt recipe that you serve in a mug….)

Fortunately for you, dear blog-readers, that’s where the (somewhat tenuous) similarities end!

For Canopy & Stars is a collection of quirky luxury camping places, from a treehouse with a king-sized bed and a copper bathtub to dinky Romany Gypsy caravans, luxurious yurts and riverside log cabins. We even have a boat in Regent’s Park! (not much to do with pies at all, if we’re honest!).

Make sure you check out our competition with pieminister to win a Canopy & Stars break

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