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Who ate all the pies? Our Twegal winners

Mar 29 2011

Many thanks to everyone who entered the Twegal pie filling competition on Twitter. We received some fantastic filling suggestions, ranging from the inspiring to the downright weird!

Many a happy (non-billable) hour was spent discussing the merits of belly pork with chilli chocolate, strawberries & cream with a dash of mint, caterpillar and pea pie (in reference to Smedleys v Breed 1974) and CMS chicken masala.

The winner, (who was randomly selected by an independent third party, terms and conditions applied in accordance with The Gambling Act 2005 etc etc), is in fact @sofialind_lw with her suggestion of “(M)Ince & Co pie with a side order of Freshfields LLPeas”.

Coming in a close second is @babybarista, with his “Prison Pie – always served with custardy”. Sheer genius.

And last but by no means least is @_millymoo, who tweeted in Bird & Bird, in the spirit of International Womens Day.

Congratulations to all of you – a caseful of pieminister pies is winging its way to you. With delicious fillings including Thai Chook, Chicken of Aragon and Moo & Blue, you’ll definitely need the afternoon to sleep it all off!

Here is the picture of our competition winner: Sofia and her colleague Ben. Now we know who ate all the pies!

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