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May The Forest Be With You

Jun 2 2021

We’ve teamed up with Forestry England to plant a Pieminister forest. For every plant-based pie or patty bought we’ll donate money towards planting trees. This is all part of our project, Eat Pies: Plant Trees.

So the more plant-based eating we do, the bigger the forest will grow (just call us PINEminister).

This is all with the aim to benefit wildlife, our well-being, and the health of our planet.

We know how important it is that the right trees are planted in the right place if we’re to help combat climate change, which is why we chose Forestry England as our partner. They’ve been planting trees for over a century so they know what they’re doing!

We asked our friends at Forestry England to tell us why forests are so tree-mendous (sorry not sorry)…

The Importance of Forests

A guest blog from James Simpson, Director of Forestry & Land Management, Forestry England explains why forests are so important to society.

The climate and ecological crises have exposed the need to take action – and that includes planting a lot more trees!

Trees help us to lock up carbon and provide more places for wildlife to live. They are also hugely beneficial to people, giving us more places to relax, reenergise and enjoy the outdoors.

At Pleasant Farm in Kent you will be helping us to plant a forest for the future. Our team of expert foresters are busy working through a detailed planning process with the local community to design a woodland that works for people, nature and local businesses.

Trees are good for our well-being. The water we drink and the air we breathe are cleaner because of forests. Spending time in woodlands can lower blood pressure, help us relax and improve our immune system.

When planted in the right places, trees can be an important part of a wider effort to reduce the impact of flooding in our communities by slowing water flow and soil erosion.

Forests sustain our way of life. The timber grown and harvested by Forestry England is used to make everything from flat-pack furniture to masts on sailing ships.

Every tree we harvest helps to keep carbon locked up, and every tree is replaced.

In England, the forestry industry contributes significantly to the economy each year. Thousands of people are employed in planting, growing and harvesting trees, and in processing timber at sawmills.

Forests provide jobs and business opportunities in leisure and tourism too. From campsites to mountain bike hire, more than 500 independent businesses operate within forests looked after by Forestry England.

It’s not just about the benefits trees bring to rural communities. Our residential areas are cooler because of urban forests and trees in our parks and gardens. Greener communities improve the value of areas where people live and work, and attract businesses.

Planting trees could help to address some of the big challenges in society, but we also need to plant the right trees in the right place.

At Forestry England, we’re planting more diverse forests to make sure they are resilient to climate change and disease.

This will help our woodlands will stay healthy and productive for generations to come.

While no one can predict how the future will unfold, creating healthy, vibrant forests like Pleasant Farm should be a mission for everyone – starting now!

Want to help the Pieminister forest grow?

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