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Introducing Pieminister’s No 10 chutney – belly heaven in a jar!

May 19 2014



Introducing Pieminister’s No 10 chutney – belly heaven in a jar!

It’s your pie’s best friend.

PicnicWe asked Bristol-based nutritionist George Cooper and award-winning picklers Tracklements to help us create the perfect accompaniment for a Pieminister pie.

We asked George to explain how he helped select the ingredients…..

“I’m a nutritionist and specialist in traditional medicine, which means that I’m interested in the balance between clever science and ancient wisdom. This is what fills my food column in Spark magazine, and my book Be Your Own Nutritionist.

So imagine my delight when my old friends Tristan and Jon, denizens of old school ingredients and cutting edge deliciousness, approached me to help to hone the Pieminister experience. “Pies are rich and lovely, but that richness means that our digestion could do with a helping hand – why don’t we make a pie chutney together? The most balanced, belly-friendly chutney in the world”.

PM No 10 combines all the key components you need to jolly along your digestion. Acidic vinegar, tomatoes and apples stimulate the gall bladder to digest fats. Bitter fenugreek, and spicy aromatic garlic, chilli, coriander, cardamom, mustard, cumin and pepper move the gut along. Sweet sugar, sultanas, dates and onions relax the belly and stimulate secretion, and salt stimulates appetite. This chutney is true culinary alchemy”  

GCooper portrait @byonhealth

Our No.10 chutney is available for £4.50 from the Pieminister online shop

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