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Get a load of this… our new Autumn menu lands

Sep 10 2018

We’re mixing things up this Autumn and bringing in some exciting, new dishes that are bound to bring Pie Season back with a bang.

Enter Loaded.

Our skinny chips have had an upgrade and now come in three new variations – Be Cheesus, with dirty cheese sauce, pulled free-range ham and melted cheddar, El Toro, inspired by our Matador pie with braised beef, chorizo, olives and jalapenos and the vegan Cauli Gosh!: crispy fried cauliflower with our own signature curry sauce, pickles and sriracha sauce. Perfect for sharing as a side, or why not go fully loaded and add your favourite pie?

Autumn menu-35

Also coming your way this season: The Sunday Best.

Ask anyone to list their favourite British dishes and Sunday Roasts and pies invariably get a mention. So to bring the two together as one almighty mega-feast just makes sense.

Your pie of choice on a mound of delicious mash, topped with a Yorkshire pudding filled with roasted garlic & rosemary potatoes, carrot & swede mash and finished with a free-range British pork scratching and pig-in-blanket. Oh and don’t forget the boat of gravy on the side. Swap out the pig-in-blanket and free range pork scratching for stuffing balls to go veggie, and we can also make it vegan and gluten-free too, so no one has to miss out on this fantastic feast.

sunday best vegan ice-21

But we haven’t forgotten about dessert.

We ain’t saying you’re Gold Diggers – but we are saying you’ll love our new sundae: The Gold Digger.

Creamy salted caramel ice cream, with chocolate sauce, hand-dipped chocolate shortbread and sprinkled with gold dust: you can all be eating like millionaires. The added bonus? Our new sundae is completely vegan – we bet you couldn’t tell.

sunday best vegan ice-28

Our new Autumn menu is available from Tuesday, September 11th – so book your table now to be the first to try our new delicious range. If you’re a member of our Social Club then keep an eye out on your emails, as we’ll be inviting a handful of you to come in our newest menu additions on a buy one get one free basis. Only the best for our hard core pie fans.

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