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Pies, not plastic

Jul 1 2019

Looking after the planet has always been at the core of what we do (because no planet = no pies, right? 😱) and we’re always looking to do our bit, however big or small. And we’ve already tackled straws and water – you’ll only find paper straws in our restaurants and, thanks to FRANK Water, we never sell water in plastic bottles.


Our gluten-free pies have always needed a little more TLC when travelling, which is why we started out with a plastic tray in the boxes. However, through some experimenting, we found out that making the pie bases thicker meant we didn’t need a plastic tray at all. More pie and less plastic, it’s a win-win.

This summer, we took on the challenge of getting rid of plastic in our retail packaging completely.

Introducing… our new plastic-free packaging (yes, even the box window). Pretty cool, huh?!

new plastic-free pie boxes

By using clever, transparent materials made from wood pulp, our patty and pie packaging is now completely plastic free. This means that every bit of it is 100% recyclable and the window or film wrap is home compostable too, so you can make planet-friendly choices while still feasting on the food you know and love.

Be sure to look out for our new plastic-free packaging on the shelves when you do your next weekly shop.


We always sell pies & patties without packaging where we can. Eat off a plate in our restaurants or get hot feasts delivered to you in our fully recyclable eco-boxes. Skip supermarkets altogether and get your cold pies & patties from our restaurants to eat at home. These will be packaged up into our eco-boxes or you can even bring your own tupperware to carry them home in.

But in places we need to use packaging, we’ve made steps to take out plastic and waste where we can.

If you buy pies from our online shop, your delivery will be green too. Your pies will arrive in our chilled packaging insulated with recycled shredded cardboard. Our reusable and fully recyclable packaging offers brilliant thermal properties for your precious pies (because let’s face it, they only deserve the best). The ice packs can be used again and again too – just pop them in your freezer.


This is just the beginning of our war on plastic and doing the right thing. We are by no means perfect but by working hard with organisations like A Plastic Planet and our suppliers we continue to take steps in the right direction.

What do you think about our new packaging? We’d love to hear from you:

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